Tuesday, December 8, 2009

God Breaks Through

As part of my Advent discipline, my dear Arty Friend and I planned a contemplative retreat for Advent.  We've worked together on many such ventures over the years and it has always been a joy.

Planning times set apart for spiritual reflection are like a prayer to me; a spiritual discipline.  I am always reminded of how much I love deep contemplation of the mystery that is God.

We winnow writings by powerfully thoughtful and brilliant theologians; pore over sacred art, and prayerfully weave together great works of art, literature, theological reflection and music.  We hope to put together an afternoon of prayerful reflection and renewal for those who bless us with their fellowship.  My goal is to be a vessel of the Holy Spirit for those who will join us in our time set apart with God.

This year, we considered the angelic revelations to Zechariah, Mary.....

..and Joseph..

I love the idea that an Angel who has stood before God now stands before us, heralding God's desire for us.  In the cold darkness of this worldly life, God sends an emissary to compel us to fear not, to listen, and follow this heavenly direction.  "This is what I want you to do..." He says through the Angel.

 Of course, the message is never simple.  Don't be afraid......you are going to do something impossible.......

Uh, okay?  But there is something so powerful, so compelling, so Holy.....

...that the faithful recipient of Angelic news can only surrender, obey, and submit to the Word of God.....

...and even though you are too old to bear children, you bear the one who will Prepare the Way....

...you risk your honor and future to be the Christ Bearer.......


..you believe the unbelievable and stand in as an earthly father....
The story still gives me chills.  
I yearn for those encounters and glimpses of heavenly direction, especially when life is cold and dark like winter.  The Angels still come. God still breaks through and reveals what He desires of us.
But, am I listening?  Do I have the faith and courage to boldly submit to something so alarmingly unconventional, radical, and earth shattering?  

I pray I follow the example of Mary with my response:  "Be it unto me according to thy word."

Blessed is she who believed.

I wish you a Blessed Advent.


  1. So, so beautiful. Thank you for this inspiration my very dear friend.

  2. You and Dear Arty Friend did a beautiful job on the Advent service. We are all so grateful to you for sharing your gifts of time, talent, listening, yearning, creativity and devotion to make a meaningful day for us.


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